Account Value

At any stage in the epoch's life cycle, the total account value can be calculated as below:

Account Value=Effective Balance maintenance marginDebt ±PnL\large Account\ Value = Effective\ Balance\ - \sum maintenance\ margin - Debt\ \pm PnL

Knowing the account value, traders can decide to add or reduce to their position, as long as the account value remains higher than the initial maintenance margin in Standard Margin

Withdraw conditions

A portfolio account owner holds the flexibility to deposit any whitelisted asset accepted by the risk engine at any time. However, during withdrawals, the risk engine must ensure that the remaining capital can cover the maintenance margin and the debt associated with opened positions collateralized by the same portfolio.

For that reason, the risk engine permits withdrawing assets up to a specific percentage. The withdrawal limit ensures that the total maintenance margin rate doesn't exceed a predefined threshold.

MMR (After Withdraw)<0.875\Large MMR\ (After\ Withdraw) < 0.875 \\\\

Otherwise, the transaction will reversed, and will be allowed to withdraw once the total opened positions improves its health rate.