IVX is Zero Days To Expiry (0DTE) options protocol seamlessly integrated on top of Arbitrum and BeraChain. The protocol facilitates dynamic delta-hedging AMM for liquidity providers coupled with portfolio margin accounting for traders.

The primary objective of IVX is to enhance short-dated options trading for on-chain users and allow them to speculate on a wide range of assets permissionlessly similar to Altcoins, NFTs and real-world assets, all on cross-margin leveraging the traders' portfolio as collateral, eliminating the necessity to sell any of the assets deposited.

Why trade 0DTE options on IVX

  • High leverage trading for option buyers with low capital requirement

  • Liquidation-free trading for option buyers

  • Speculate on short time-frame events and public news

  • Ability to generate daily yield by selling out-of-the-money options

  • Diversified asset trading across all crypto sectors

Why trade on portfolio margin using IVX

  • Capability to speculate or write option positions using the main portfolio as collateral, the portfolio assets can be stablecoins, Defi tokens, LP tokens or yield-bearing assets

  • Execution of complex pay-off positions that require cross-margin portfolio system similar to combos, butterflies, spreads, condors or synthetic options

  • Reduced slippage, lower trading fees and minimal maintenance margin requirement by executing batch of option positions in a single transaction