Time-weighted liquidity provision is a dedicated program tailored for long-term liquidity providers committed to the IVX protocol, offering additional rewards depending on the duration of commitment.

The program involves locking $IVLP ERC-20 tokens obtained through IVLP for a duration ranging between 1 week and 6 months decided by the user. In return, the user receives $sIVLP tokens representing that represent their locked position.

1 $IVLP locked for 6 month period will be exchanged for 1 $sIVLP token.

In return for a long commitment, users stand to benefit from 75% of the total $oIVX emissions directed to the protocol. The rewards contingent on the duration of the lock-in, longer duration results in more substantial incentives.

$oIVX tokens are redeemable daily throughout the lock-up period at any time and will given during the whole lock-up period based on the total $sIVLP held.

In case a committed user seeks to withdraw before the unlock period expires, the sIVLP contract permits him or her to redeem the associated $IVLP in exchange for $sIVLP tokens. However, a withdraw tax ranging between 2.5% and 0.5% will be charged from the total $IVLP received, depending on the duration of the force unlock. The deducted assets are retained as part of the protocol's own liquidity within the pool itself.